Abstract guidelines
Prepare your abstract using the following Word template:

Abstracts must be submitted electronically, using the file upload form (found soon on Abstract submission page). Files prepared with Word in DOC format are accepted.

The abstract must be written on an A4 page, lower, left and right margins of 2 cm, upper margin 2,5 cm.

The maximum length for abstracts is one page (600 words).

The title font is Times (New) Roman 14 bold. Maximum length of the title is 240 characters.
The main text font should be Times (New) Roman 12.

Title, authors, and address information have to be separated from each other by an empty line and the text is centered. The name of the author who will give the presentation has to be underlined. The email address of this author must be given on a separate line below the address information. The affiliations are written in Times New Roman 12, italics.

The abstract body text is justified and may consist of one paragraph or may be separated into the following four paragraphs: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Please, do not include references, formulas, tables or graphics.

Abstracts must be in English.
The deadline for the abstract submission is March 21st, 2014.